[MULTIMEDIA] Tawakkal (trust) in Allah and Rejecting Pragmatism in Solving Problems

Ramadhan Reminder Series 5:
 Tawakkal (trust) in Allah and Rejecting Pragmatism in Solving Problems

Tawakkal is a mental attitude that is held by a Muslim because of his perfect faith that Allah, the Creator, makes rules that will give humans everything they need. 
Thus Imam Abdul Qoyyim Al Jauziyah explains the meaning of tawakal.

Prophet Muhammad gave an example to us that we should strive to create change 
to the adverse conditions we face today by adopting in completeness the Islamic system in all aspects of our lives. We should establish the Islamic system in the form of 
political institutions under the Khilafah Islamiyah, in which the Sharia can be applied 
as a base constitution and legislation.Thus, in this struggle, Muslims should follow the idea (fikrah) and method (tariqah) of Rasulullah saw. The fight of upholding Islam in life 
which was initiated by the Prophet SAW with the sahabah had them putting a high level of trust (tawakkal) towards Allah -- both in His Solutions and in His Help in achieving their goal -- because only Allah SWT is the Best Helper.


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