Indonesia Women Economic Story [English Version]

The epidemic of imported goods coupled with foreign economic domination in the lives of many people in Indonesia has made millions of women and children in Indonesia become the main victims of economic hardship. 

Rising prices, scarcity of jobs for their husbands and the high cost of education and healthcare for their children has created economic hardship and widespread poverty among millions of mothers in Indonesia. More than 7 million Indonesian women have been forced to become breadwinners for their households and are being exploited in their own country and abroad. Additionally, millions of abandoned children have lost their mother from their home. Indeed, this has caused the future generation to remain weak and to become broken.

World level economic meetings such as APEC and WTO in fact have never aimed to grow the economy of all state members, but the strong countries take advantage of the weak ones and prosperity is just used as a mere slogan. This is the capitalist economic system that has undermined the nature of motherhood/and also corrupted the true nature of the government.

It's a must for us to return women's role as mothers and managers of their households, the first and primary educators for their children to devote affection to their family so that the briliant generation will be born. This will be supported by the Khilafah state that takes care of people with full sincerity to serve them wholeheartedly even to be their protector with its courage and strength.


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