The Impact of Democracy VS Islam in Indonesia

Democracy is not the identity of Indonesian Muslims because it is eventually no more than modern imperialist trap. It is an extension of the history of European colonialism that took place since the beginning of the 19th century. It resulted in economic decline of the Muslims- the imposition of trade monopoly caused setbacks and suffering among the people. Prominent historians refer this period as an era of decline and deterioration of Muslims in the archipelago. Therefore, this nation must realize that their true identity is not democracy, but Islam, for Islam had contributed paramountly bringing glory and prosperity as well as building noble civilization.

Islam is the true identity of Indonesia. During 16th until the 18th century, Indonesian history is known as the golden age of Islamic sultanates in the archipelago. The era of Islam created prosperity and wealth in almost all regions in the archipelago, characterized by increased shipping traffic in the lanes of the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia in the 16th century, the emergence of emporium port city, the emergence of the Islamic political center under the sultanates, the rise of the Muslim merchant community who became trade economic actors, and the creation of archipelago economic network.


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