A Message to the Muslim Armies Regarding the Slaughter in Gaza

What happen in Gaza is very heartbreaking for the most of us, the Muslims ummah, the ummah of Prophet Muhammad Saw. That is because Rasulullaah Saw has given to us a very strong legacy that is the Islamic Ukhuwah bond that strongly tied among us and will make us feel the same pain with our sisters in Gaza.This bond is stronger than the bond of nationality, humanity even the family blood bond.

There’s only you Muslims Army in the Muslim countires who can help our sister, brothers and children in Gaza! You have planes that can demolish the Jewish entity, the Jewish aircrafts, whvy are you locking them up in your Airports? And you have the rockets and tanks and bombs that could shake the Jewish entity, why then do not release them from the storage before it’s eaten up by rust?

Watch the full video by Fika M. Komara, M.Si. 
A Member of Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir for Southeast Asia.


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