CEDAW Corrupting Implementation Since 1985 In Turkey

#‎WomenandShariah | Turkey became part of the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in 1985. Since that time, numerous changes in the constitution and various laws have been adapted. These are only a few examples:

• In 1990, Purple Roof Women's Shelter Foundation was founded.
• In 1998, "The Law to Protect Women" was made. This law contained punishments like restraining the perpetrator from the house or even imprisonment.
• In 2006, the Directorate General on the Status of Women under the Prime Ministry published the Handbook "Campaign Against Domestic Violence". This book contains approaches which contradict the Islamic social system diametrically.
• In 2012, Law Nr. 6284 "For the Protection of the Family and Prevention Of Violence Against Women"
• Combating Domestic Violence Against Women National Action Plan (2007-2010) (2012-2015)

Let us have a look at the numbers of Violence Against Women in Turkey today:
The Ministry of Justice announced the increase of violence against women as 1400% over the last 7 years
This is the summary of the report prepared by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy through its ‘Commission of Searching for The Reasons of Violence’ about women facing physical or sexual violence at the hands of a family member:

• 10% of women in Turkey have been exposed to violence
• 36% of non-single women face physical violence through men.
• 12% of married women and 10 percent of pregnant women have been exposed to sexual violence.
• Regardless of being married at young age or as an adult, of being in a non-married relationship or divorced; women face physical and/or sexual violence in every kind of life-style.
• 9% of women face sexual violence before the age of 15.
• 29% of women face sexual abuse through relatives other than fathers, step fathers, boyfriends, brothers, grandfathers, paternal or maternal uncles
• 39% face sexual abuse through foreigners
• 15% through neighbours.
• The report does not contain the number of sexual abuse by first degree relatives like father, brother, grandfather.
• Stalking was included for the first time in the research.
• Accordingly 3 of 10 women have faced this kind of violence at least one time in their live.

The report did not give statistics about femicide in Turkey. We will accomplish this part:
Last year (2014), 257 women were killed by men (Human Rights Association Istanbul – February 2015) - This is an increase of 31% compared to 2013, according to Aylin Nazlıaka from opposition party CHP.

In 2014, 282 faced sexual abuse and rape according to registered numbers.
575 faced violence by the hands of their husbands or partners.
The announcement stated that between the years 1997 and 2012, 363 women under detention faced sexual abuse and rape.

The Human Rights Association Istanbul, also warned that the numbers are much higher than revealed by the state, and that many incidents are not reported by women.
In spite of that, the spokeswoman of HRA indicated that Turkey should fulfil its responsibilities occurring from CEDAW.

It is time now to confess that the problems of women increased and expanded since the digress from the Islamic rulings and values and since replacing them through the provisions of capitalist systems like CEDAW and implementing and putting them ‘above’ the Islamic laws.

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