The Agenda behind ‎CEDAW #‎WomenandShariah #‎Muslimlivesmatters

The Agenda behind ‎CEDAW #‎WomenandShariah #‎Muslimlivesmatters

There is no question that Muslim women face a plethora of economic, social and political violence and oppression today. Everything from war and economic exploitation, to ‘honour’ killings, forced marriages and sex trafficking. We are under no illusion that the situation of our sisters in the Muslim world is far from acceptable.

So it’s perfectly reasonable to ask, shouldn’t Muslim women be welcoming with open arms the Convention on Ending Discrimination and Violence against Women (CEDAW)? How could we possibly be against an international effort to end all forms of discrimination and oppression against us?

But here lies the problem………..

The understanding of what constitutes ‘discrimination’ has been concocted from a purely Western secular liberal viewpoint. So now, EVERY aspect of life in which women are seen to be not treated on equal terms as men, has become viewed as a form of discrimination. Every area of life where women are naturally positioned to be superior, is viewed as ‘gender stereotyping’. Hence child-rearing and being a home-maker even becomes a form of discriminatory practice against women!

The agenda is clearly a feminist one; to create full gender integration, where no sex has an assigned role, or rights that are specific to them. In this respect, the international convention (CEDAW) is on a head-on collision with our Aqeeda and our Quran.


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