Details of Phase 2 of “Women and Shariah: Separating Fact from Fiction” Campaign

#‎WomenandShariah #‎WomenAgainstFeminism 

PHASE 2 will…..

- Counter the liberal attack against the Shariah’s view of women as well as specific Islamic social and family laws e.g. male guardianship in Islam, Islamic marital roles and rights, the Islamic dress code, Islamic inheritance laws, etc.

- Present a clear vision of: Islam’s view of women and the status, rights, role, and general lives of women under the Shariah. This will be achieved through clear references to Islamic texts and history and showcasing how the institutions of the future Khilafah will relate to women.

- Dismantle some of the myths related to the position of women historically under Islamic rule.

- Showcase the unique SOCIAL SYSTEM of Islam, explaining its basis, values, principles, laws, and aims and its positive impact upon women, children, the male-female relationship, family life, and society overall.



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