End Rohingya Crisis‬ Dishonored ‪‎Rohingya‬ Women Flee Horror Camps

A recent article published in the New Strait Times revealed how migrant Rohingya women were detained at a human trafficking camp situated in Thailand, where they were subjected to gang rapes and treated as sex slaves.

Our sister Nur Khaidha Abdul Shukur who was held captive at the camp with her baby for 8 days narrated, "Every night, two or three young and pretty Rohingya women were taken out from the detention pens by the guards to a clandestine place. They would be gang-raped by the guards. Two young women at the camp became pregnant after the gang rape."

All due to Allah, the sister and her child were able to escape the horrors of the camp, however, many of our other sisters were not so lucky.

Numerous reports regarding the affairs of the Rohingya people reveal how the Rohingya women are enslaved to the horrendous business of human trafficking, with no one to save them from this dishonourable crime.

Their neighbouring Muslim nations such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh have time and time again shown how their nationalistic borders mean more to them than the lives of their brethren. Such inaction towards the crimes against the Rohingya people is absolutely unacceptable from the Muslim nations.

Under a true Islamic State, the honour of Muslim women would be held to such a high esteem that armies would be sent out if just one woman was dishonoured. The islamic state would ensure that every woman is protected from any harm and given her due rights. Any transgression of her rights will be met with harsh punishments.

Only the islamic state is capable and willing to take the actions needed to preserve the honour of the Rohingya women and it's is only through the Islamic State that we will find a society which demands the honouring of women and the safeguarding of their dignity.


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