An Appeal to the People of Yemen to Work for the Termination of the Killing and Arbitrate Allah’s Law between Them

Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah Yemen released its appeal to the Yemeni people through a written sermon which was distributed to the preachers and caretakers of mosques in several of the country’s provinces (Sanaa, Adan, Taa’iz, Ibb, Hadramaut, Amran and others) in the cities and villages. The sermon’s headline was “An Appeal to the People of Yemen to Work for the Termination of the Killing and Arbitrate Allah’s Law between Them” where the Party explained the unlawfulness of bloodshed and the unlawfulness of frightening and besieging the innocent people as well as the unlawfulness of sectarian and regional fanatism, at the same time showing the true reason for the struggle and its supporters as it was described as an international struggle over the influence and the wealth between major states – America and Britain – using regional and local tools. The Hizb called the people of Yemen to work for the ending of these crimes which targets their lives and their security as well as outlawing their power and their honour, stirring their worries and thereby holding them from doing their duty in stopping the oppressors and to put pressure on the struggling parties so that they may return to the speech of faith and wisdom which is the duty to abide with, thereby stopping the killing amongst them, commence using the Shariah of Allah in their differences and to discard the Western solutions which are supported by the US and the leaders of harm – those solutions that some might think have an exterior of mercy when there is no doubt that their interior is filled with torture, more discord and strife.

In the sermon that was distributed the Hizb assured that the correct solution is to work for the establishment of the Khilafah Rashidah (caliphate) on the methodology of the Prophet (saw) that will end the bloodshed, stop the masses’ discords and provide security and dignity for them so that their country becomes happy after suffering and remove the West’s grip of them and their evil plans, so it will withdraw unsuccessful torn off, and larger than that is the acceptance of the Lord of the heavens and earth.

A number of preachers, who care for their Deen and country and assumed the lack of insecurity and Shari’ responsibility is entrusted with them, interacted with the sermon. The sermon found approval among the general masses that are not attracted by blind intolerance and narrow interests, to Allah (swt) belongs all thanks and praise.

The people of Yemen have started to realise the struggle’s truth of it being an international political struggle, even if the struggling parties try to hide it behind sectarian cloths so that they can burn the country and people for the purpose of gaining power, wealth and worldly interests.

The people of Yemen who are zealous about their Deen and country realise that these struggles and wars do not serve Islam and Muslims; rather they serve the interests of the colonizing unbelievers Kuffar – traders of wars and bloodsuckers of nations.

People of Yemen: the parties of the struggle mobilize their followers in the name of the Deen and the protection of it to deceive and wrong people, and when they achieve their narrow and selfish interests we will see them put Islam behind them and call for a secular democratic state that has nothing to do with Islam, thereby forgetting the religious slogans that called for killing and fighters – as if that is Islam’s objective!! What is more strange is that when the countries of struggle, that stand behind these struggling parties, stand on the cake to divide it these parties will hurry to fulfil the orders without any shame and forget their deformation of the Deen in the sight of the Ummah for the enemy’s sake, rather they forget all the dead they themselves named martyrs!! When will these people, who are the reason behind what the country is suffering from of trouble and misery, realize that they are sympathizing with destruction – the reason of the disease and basis of the distress, so that they can fear Allah Almighty and return to His Law, so that which happened with the country and people of suffering and pain will end?!

O People of Yemen: your situation will only be fixed with that which served the first Ummah, Khilafah Rashida on the methodology of the Prophet (saw), therefore work with its supporters the Shabab of Hizb ut Tahrir and in that let the competing compete.

Rise and triumph the Deen, rectifying Khilafah Rashidah that will lead us then will hardship be gone.

Do we die thirsty when the solutions are between our hands and the land without a Khilafah is arid?

Oh Lord we are determined so aid us and make us successful so that we walk as you wish.

This is our prayer, You know our damage, we have prayed oh Lord please answer…

Media office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Wilayah Yemen
Saturday, 07th Jumada II 1437 AH
26/03/2016 CE

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